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We all rely on the roof to protect us from harsh weather conditions and other elements. So when your roof sustains damage or succumbs to wear and tear, you require a professional and reliable roofing company to come to the rescue. And just any roofing services company won't be enough. You want to hire contractors with rich experience in the roofing industry and are committed to offering the highest level of services.

And the company that qualifies and stands out best is Sydney Roofing Co.

We are an established company offering roofing solutions and quality workmanship to deliver 100% satisfying results. We specialise in roofing repairs and installations for Colorbond, slate tiles, metal roofing, including their restorations and replacements. Our primary goal is to exceed our customer expectations on every project we undertake.

Grey Colorbond roof located in Sydney's Western Suburbs
Red Metal Sheet roof made from Colorbond in Sydney's Western Suburbs

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Why choose Sydney Roofing Co.?

Whether you have a slate roof or a metal roof over your head, we're here to be your trusted experts. We have a proven track record in fixing damaged tiles and doing leak detection. We also offer gutter cleaning aside from the usual roofing work.

We can be of service for residential or commercial roofing. We've been experts in roofing Sydney homes and businesses for years now, so we're here to make sure that there would be no roof leaks nor poorly-constructed tile roofs for you.

High-quality roofing services

For maximum protection of your home, family, or valuable belongings, you want to be sure that your tile roof or metal roof is not only made to perfection but that you're getting quality service above all else. You want a tiled roof or metal roofing that can withstand all that comes at it.

At Sydney Roofing Co., you can rest easy knowing that we're dedicated to delivering high-quality roofing services. We use only top quality brands and products. We also offer prompt, courteous services at affordable pricing.

We're well-versed with roof maintenance because we aim to take away your stress. No matter the damage, our roofing experts can professionally fix your roof with care and unmatched quality. We are comprehensive contractors servicing Sydney, Australia, and focused on the very best in customer services as well as quality workmanship.

With us, you won't need to worry about a leaking roof ever again because we're here for all your roofing needs.

A professional and experienced Sydney roofing business

Your home is the most valuable asset; thus, you'll want only the best when it comes to taking care of it. If your roof requires urgent attention, you want a professional and experienced team that understands your roofing needs. However, finding reputable roofing contractors to attend to your roofing issues might be challenging – there are many roofing companies in the industry.

To save you time and energy in your search, you can turn to us for help.

We'll talk with you to make sure that you fully understand the issues at hand. And we'll be sure to recommend the best course of action.

Our many years of service in roofing Sydney homes and businesses enabled us to gain valuable experience in offering complete roofing solutions. Besides, we possess a highly trained team that provides long-term results without even breaking your bank. We take pride in doing a fantastic job at a competitive price. Our goal is always to provide excellent customer service. And that means we'll do everything to prolong the lifespan of your roof for your homes or commercial properties.

Roof Shingles made from concrete and ceramic in Sydney
Repairing a roof in Sydney's Inner West

"When you hire Sydney Roofing Co, you will be working with premier contractors who possess knowledge of your every roofing need. We are skilled and knowledgeable in attending to every roofing service that ordinary roofers turn away from."



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Roofing Services

Colorbond Roofing

If you are planning to re-roof your home, Colorbond is the perfect option. It's amongst the most robust and improved building materials nowadays. It has been used for more than 50 years and is resilient to harsh environments meaning that torrential rain, blistering sun, salty ocean winds mean nothing to Colorbond roofing keeping your investment safe for years to come.

With this roofing option and the right contractors like us, you can be sure your roof will be an asset and provide security for a long time. Moreover, Colorbond roofs' beautiful colours go hand in hand with their longevity and reliability.

Some of the benefits of Colorbond roofs are: 

Design flexibility

Colorbond roofing offers excellent spanning capabilities for the most efficient structures, creating a room for more column-free floor sections. Its wide range of colours gives property owners and designers more options to create unique facades.


Consider using this roofing material if you live in areas prone to bushfires. Colorbond is a non-combustible material. It's also much easier when it comes to sealing corrugated metal sheets against fire and flying embers.


Although roofing options like tiles are cheaper, the final price depends upon whether you include extra insulation, possibly painting and not to forget future care and maintenance needed. The in-built thermatech technology in Colorbond roofs enables them to bounce back or reflect penetrating heat. This allows the house to cool and the air-conditioning to perform its job effectively.


Colorbond is very light, meaning that you don't need to have an intricate supporting frame which lowers the installation cost. Moreover, you don't need to worry about any fluctuation in the roof weight because, unlike other materials, Colorbond is waterproof and doesn't absorb water.

Colorbond Roof by Sydney Roofing Co
Gunmetal colorbond roof in Western Sydney

Slate Roofing

For decades, slate tiles roofing has been one of the most popular options among Sydney, Australia homeowners.

Slate tiles or slate roofs are widely available in different sizes, and every kind of slate tile offers a clean and smart look; hence they are the most aesthetically appealing roofing solution. It’s believed to be a perfect combination of aesthetic appeal and quality. Also, a slate roof is fireproof, giving your property extra protection layer. Moreover, slate tiles are made from natural stone, meaning that it doesn’t emit any polluting substances like VOCs into the air.

Sydney Roofing Co. offers expertise in the repair and installation of slate roofing in Sydney and the surrounding areas. With many years of rich experience in all slate roofing aspects, our crew of fully licensed and qualified contractors will make sure your property is in safe hands.

We built a good reputation for being professional slate tiles contractors and always prided ourselves in the quality of our services. Throughout our slate roofing services, we use top quality materials that will match your taste and style as well as ensure your property’s best presentation.

We highly recommend slate roofing options to homeowners looking to cut down on their utility bills because a properly installed slate roof means better house insulation and reduced costs for the homeowner.

Roof Repair in Sydney's Inner West

Whether your roof suffered from storm damage, fire damage or general wear and tear, we can repair it in no time. Roof issues could jeopardise the structural integrity of your entire roofing system if not promptly resolved. Don’t let that leak cost you thousands of dollars when we can help. Our skilled technicians always ensure quick, friendly, and trusted Sydney roof repair services.

Therefore, if you are searching for experienced and licensed roof repairs in Sydney, you can be sure that you will get quality and guaranteed results with us.

We provide reliable and professional roof repair services, working with committed craftsmanship that earned us a good reputation for excellence. As a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company, we strive to save you money and time by combining the use of roofing knowledge, superior quality materials, and tools, as well as a commitment to delivering excellent service.

An error-free roof repair requires the use of the right equipment and so does finishing the project. Whether you are disappointed with the time taken to complete a roof repair or not confident in your damaged roof, we've got you covered. We handle each project with pride, sincerity and dependability; thus, when experience and quality matters, turn to us.

At Sydney Roofing Co, we can accommodate for any budget, be it large or small as we understand that other expenses may pop up, however, regardless of whether your budget is tight. We promise that you will be left with a fully functional roof that is safe and secure, giving you and your family peace of mind for years to come.

Before and after photo of a roof restoration Sydney job

Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is not as easy as you might think it is.

We recommend that you never try to do any form of renovations or restorations yourself, even if you possess some roofing knowledge or have enough time and the right tools. It's best to leave jobs like this to expert roofers like us to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Providing high-quality results for roof restorations in Sydney demands experienced contractors with excellent skills and tools to get the job done right. Our highly trained team are an expert in broken tiles or re roofing.

There's no need to worry!

You just need to call us the moment you come across damaged or loose roof flashings, presence of fungus or moss, holes in the roof, rotting wood and rusting roof, water stains on ceilings as well as faded roof sheets.

If your entire roof is deteriorating, the first, best thing you can do is seek our professional advice to assess the situation.

At Sydney Roofing Co., we have roofing specialists that offer a free evaluation and a free quotation on all roofing services. We do roof restoration for Colorbond roofs, slate tiles, and also metal roofs.

Roof replacement project in Blacktown, Sydney

Roof Replacement

For most individuals, the thought of roof replacement is overwhelming and fills you with many questions like how much the process costs or how long is the installation process and what kind of roofing product is best for me. You do not need to worry about anything when working with us! We will take you through the project from start to end with a free roof inspection and free quotation, roofing product selection, including site cleanup and final inspection.

roof replacement in Sydney is a significant investment that leaves no room for mistakes.

Don't just hire any contractor; be sure to ask for the proper documentation, including referrals and samples of work, as well as asking other relevant questions. Don't risk having a terrible roof by hiring inexperienced contractors. It would be best if you relied on professional and experienced contractors for roof replacements in Sydney.

We care about our customers, so we carry out every project with attention to detail to meet every need and budget. Also, we only use superior quality roofing materials when performing roof replacement services on your property.

You don't also have to worry about the budget. At Sydney Roofing Co., we strive to shape our pricing process for our roofing services to be affordable for every homeowner, including those with tight budgets. You want to hire a company that provides cost-effective services, and our company guarantees that. Don't forget that we offer free evaluation together with a free inspection and free quotation for all roofing services.

You don't want to settle for anyone. You want to hire an experienced, licensed, and insured company that only offers the best roofing solutions ever. And that's us. We're dedicated to our belief that there are no shortcuts in any roofing projects. We are solely focused on delivering quality and affordable services to Sydney homeowners. So, why don't you call us today at 0290538769 for more information about our services? Besides, a free roof inspection and a free quotation is a guarantee!

Are you pondering how much it will cost to repair or replace that old, damaged roof? Needless to say, most folks think that roofing services are quite expensive. Seeing the total cost of having them appropriately done to perfection can bring about a justifiable shock to some. Also, most roof damages happen when homeowners are unprepared, and can least afford them. However, when property owners understand the importance of a good roof, they see how big the investment is.

With Sydney Roofing Co., the case is different! We strive to shape our pricing process for our services to be affordable by every homeowner, including those with tight budgets. You want to hire a company that provides cost-friendly but quality services and our company guarantees that. Don't forget that we offer free evaluation together with a free quotation for all roofing services.

You want to hire an experienced, licensed, and insured company that only offers the best roofing solutions ever. Dedicated to our belief that there are no shortcuts in any roofing projects, we are solely focused on delivering quality and affordable services to Sydney homeowners. Why don't you call us today at 0290538769 for more information concerning our services? Besides, a free roof inspection and a free quotation is a guarantee!