Colorbond Roofing, Sydney, NSW

One of the most important elements of the house is the roof. It offers protection to your home for whatever weather conditions we encounter. When you are constructing your new roof or replacing or restoring your roof you must consider the style, aesthetics and durability of the materials used.

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Colorbond™ is one of the most popular choices for roofing and it can be found in commercial, industrial and residential buildings across the country. Its attractive, versatile, durable and comes in a variety of inspired colours.

Red Colorbond Metal Roof with the sky in the background
Shot of a blue colorbond roof in Sydney's West

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Here are some of the benefits of a Colorbond steel roof:

  • Colorbond steel is rigorously tested and is designed to handle even the toughest of weather conditions and changes. The durability of Colorbond is unmatched in terms of performance.

  • It will improve the thermic performance of your building which in turn will save you money on cooling and energy costs. Adding additional benefits for your family or employees who will be more comfortable in the space.

  • With a variety of colours to choose from, there is an option for any style of décor and home design.

  •   Flexibility of use means that it can be used on modern buildings as well as buildings that have considerable age on them.

  • It integrates seamlessly with the other areas of your property including fittings, guttering and structural cladding, giving your house that unified look.


  • It has a lightweight nature so it can be quick to construct when compared to traditional roofing methods. It will save you money on labour which you can invest on things that you enjoy.

Colorbond™ roofing provides benefits of many types and is used mainly for modern builds but can also be used in a classical capacity as well, it all depends on the look and feel that you want to portray within your property whether it is a residential or commercial property. The most common types of roofs in Australia are cement or concrete tiles and terracotta. They come in a variety of shapes and finishes and are what are used to provide a great classic aesthetic to your home. However, when it comes to tile roofing, it is more time consuming and adds more weight to your home as they are not as light as Colorbond™. The maintenance on a Colorbond roof is

minimal as they are designed to withstand the harshest climates and the testing that is conducted on this material is proof of this.

If you’re looking for an affordable, clean and time-saving roofing solution, the team at Sydney Roofing Co. highly recommend that you utilise Colorbond roofing to give your home that fresh, new and clean look. On top of this, you can be satisfied in knowing that your property is covered by a premium and durable material that will stand the test of time and Australia’s unpredictable climate. Call Sydney Roofing Co. today on 02 9053 8769 for your free evaluation and we’ll get you covered.